Friday, 11 December 2009

pendulum? christ...

jesus fucking christ. where do i start? i hope i'm not that old as to assume that nobody who reads this won't understand that pendulum used to be fucking awesome. i'm not sure if this coincides with the time that drugs used to be good too, but that doesn't matter. tonight i made the horrible mistake of thinking 'oh i know they sold out but maybe they'll play their good shit'. in fact it was this belief that almost got me in a fight with one of them, as when everything went quiet i yelled "play a track off or before hold your colour, or please at least something good". seconds after i yelled this to the lead singer (or whatever the fuck you call him), he asked me to come to the side of the booth. i went over, and understanding that i may of pissed him off i didn't expect any hugs or kisses. he grabbed me by the neck of my duffel coat and mumbled some indecipherable australian nonsense and kind of looked at me as if it deserved a response. it was at this point i fully understood that not only are pendulum total sell outs, they are slightly bitter about the whole thing too. it was only after the show when that gareth (the person who does the music) came over to apologise and talk about the band. i explained to him that he had let down a seriously big community of true music fans (dirty womping krusties) in spite of fat spotty freshers around the world who love it then show it to everyone and anyone they're ever met and he really, fully understood. he told me that getting a major label deal had affected the music and that the next album would be something worth listening to. we'll fucking see.

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